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Dyno Tuning Services

What’s the point of big horsepower and torque numbers if you can’t actually race and enjoy your ride? We pride ourselves in achieving both the power you want, matched with the drivability and reliability you need for your car.

Master Craftsmanship

We will never cut corners to get the job done. We take every tuning project seriously and treat it as one of our own cars. Everything we do at Drive Auto Sports is about raising the standard in design, service and support for your car.

Your Timeframe? Respected.

There are few things as important to you as your ride. We recognize that by getting your car in the shop quickly, completing the auto tuning work right, and in a timely fashion. We will stay in touch with you every step of the way.

Dyno Tune Showcase

These are some of our very favorite recent custom Dyno Tuning car projects from around the shop. 

With support from Cobb Tuning, HPTuners, most standalone ECUs, including MoTeC, Haltech, Link, ECUMaster & more, we can handle any auto tuning projects!

STI x E85

This STI started out life as a 2008. Not only did we build a 550 WHP Monster, we also updated the looks with a 2011 clip and more. Custom tuned in-house with a COBB AccessPort.

Turbo BRZ

We took this basic BRZ and doubled the power with an AVO Turbo kit and ACT 6 puck Clutch to get the power to the pavement, all custom tuned in-house with EcuTek.

Supercharged SRT392

This Challenger SRT392 now features a TVS2650 supercharger, Killer Chiller intercooler and a CF driveshaft to make sure all 630 WHP are usable. Custom tuned in-house with HPTuners.

Porsche 996TT LSx

When 6 cylinders just isn't enough... we add more. Swapped with a Twin Turbo 5.7L LSx, and still All Wheel Drive. A 10 second quarter mile car, and in-house tuned with HPTuners.

Dyno Tuning & Auto Performance Services

Drive Auto Sports in Everett offers custom Dyno Tuning, repairs and service for over 30 different automotive manufacturers and over 200 different models of cars. We can Dyno Tune your Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Dodge or even a classic Chevrolet. Our expert team of high performance car engine tuning Dyno tech geeks can safely calibrate and Dyno Tune your car in our automotive performance shop. We also offer a complimentary loaner car when you Dyno Tune your car with us.

Automotive Performance Engine Builds - Race Car Prep - Fabrication Work

Drive Auto Sports is the premier high-performance automotive shop in the North End, offering custom Dyno Tuning, Engine Building, Customized Alignments and engine repairs and maintenance on your modern high-performance, custom or classic auto! We specialize in Subaru tuning but also support nearly anything on the road, and our expert team of advisors, technicians and calibrators have experience on dozens of makes and models, whether fuel injected, carbureted, turbocharged, supercharged, or any combination you can think up. We’re constantly adding new capabilities, so give us a call at 425-336-1212 or reach out to us electronically to start a conversation about where you’d like to go with your performance engine project.

Automotive Performance Engine Builds - Race Car Prep - Fabrication Work