Meet the Drive Auto Sports Team

Meet the team at Drive Auto Sports in Everett Washington. Every single member of our team is a car enthusiast, many of us are involved in some sort of Motorsports. They specialize in tuning, engine performance enhancements and service for over 30 different automotive manufacturers and over 200 different models of cars. Understanding what your expectations are by understanding how you want to use your car and having the experience to know what changes will get you there is what sets us apart from just a technician at a general repair shop. We can talk the talk when it comes to setting your car up for the race track, regardless of what type of track or car it is.   

Over 25 years in the automotive service and repair industry as a technician, ASE Master Certified and as an Owner his goal is to provide customers with the best service at every visit. He set out to exceed expectations every time they come in and was able to create an environment that raised the level of customer experience.
Justin Stobb
Owner & ASE Master Technician
Michael is a recent graduate and student of composite part development and manufacturing. He's brought an outstanding work ethic, attention to detail, and a fantastic attitude to the team.He's quickly made himself a valuable apprentice and dyno tuning assistant!
Michael O'Brien
Tech Apprentice
Tony's introduction to the professional automotive world was as an apprentice at a hotrod shop where he was exposed to metal and fiberglass fabrication and repair and classic automotive systems. He was later inducted into the Honda PACT program as a technician for several years. He expanded his knowledge of a wide range of modern vehicles and customer service in a fast-paced aftermarket repair shop. In his spare time, he's in his home shop working with metal, playing with Honda ECU hardware and software, and spending time with his daughter and family.
Tony Martin
ASE Master Technician & Fabricator
"Tuning is just math" - A common story Paul tells, which leads him to handle projects other people abandon, and cars that are really interesting! Paul is an avid boater, aviation enthusiast and is also an Eagle Scout. He is currently building a new rally car to campaign in the American Rally Association.
Paul Carter
General Manager, ASE Master Technician & Certified Pro-Tuner
Robert has been an avid Subaru enthusiast since his teens when his brother gifted him a 1986 XT. Now five Subaru’s later, Subaru Ambassador status, and the Pleiades tattooed on his arm, Robert has joined our team. He brings over a decade of Sales and Service experience and enthusiasm to the team.
Robert Walker
Robert Walker
Service Advisor/Ambassador
Christopher's love for all things automotive sent him to Universal Technical Institute from 04-05. He became ASE Master Certified at 19 and developed his skill set to become a world class diagnostician and technician. Learning about custom fabrication and practicing on his collection of cars, from one-off turbo kits, to hand-made suspension components as well as aftermarket stereos and visual accessories
Christopher Gates
ASE Master Technician & Fabricator