PhoneFlash by Ecutek 

PhoneFlash by Ecutek

Flash in a tune file with just a phone and an ECU Connect Interface

At the heart is the EcuTek Cloud. This is where we upload your ROM flies and distribute them directly to your phone!

The ECU Connect App allows you to flash a ROM file in with a phone and an ECU Connect Interface.

No laptop required. No connecting cables. No complex instructions. No learning ProECU.

Benefits over previous tuning & datalogging options.

Less time trying to understand complex instructions. More time enjoying the tune on their car.

PhoneFlash addresses many of the complications with our existing tuning process

  • It makes the flashing process simple for even the most inexperienced customer
  • There is no laptop to buy, no cables to connect, no drivers to troubleshoot
  • Because it’s simple, it reduces your support time drastically
  • It helps you manage your ROMs and Log files in the EcuTek Cloud


You need an ECU Connect Interface for programming and to be running the ECU Connect app. Create a PhoneFlash account and select us as preferred tuner from within the app.

ECU Connect with PhoneFlash: Getting started guide:
ECU Connect with PhoneFlash: Set up an account and tuner:
ECU Connect with PhoneFlash: How to program your vehicle and recover your ECU if programming fails or is interrupted:
Supported Vehicles

Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86/Scion FR-S
Nissan GT-R
Subaru CANBUS STI (2008+ STI) and WRX (2008 – 2014)
Subaru DIT – WRX 2015+
Download ECU Connect for free from the app store of your choice.