Drive Auto Sports – Why We Chose a Dynapack!

We chose the Dynapack DAQ52 for two major reasons: it’s the best, and it’s portable.

Many people would find the claim “it’s the best” to be hyperbole, but let me explain why we feel this way!

The Dynapack is the safest option that we can use for your vehicle. There’s ZERO chance of tire-to-roller slip, or any chance for the car to “come off the dyno”. By using a hub-style dyno, we have absolute control and precise measurement without loading four guys into the hatch to keep the tires hooked up at 700hp.

The steady state control is amazing, and lets us do a much more precise and quicker job of dialing in the calibration on your car. We can perform steady state at nearly any RPM and HP level and then transition to a power run to get the chart and check our work.

We’re mobile! We can take the Dynapack where we need to be in order to calibrate. If you need us trackside, we can be there. If you need us at your club event, we can be there. If you need us at your car show, we can be there.

Our repeatability is incredible. We also have the benefit of tuning inside our climate controlled facility where we can keep the atmosphere at a standard, reducing the need for “correction-factors” that skew the dyno chart and making sure that we’re comparing apples-to-apples run after run.

These are a few of the reasons we can make the statement and say that we’re using the best.

See you at the Grand Opening party!

EFI Calibrator/Cobb Pro-Tuner

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