Unsprung Mass – What’s this mean to you?

Unsprung mass is the total weight of every component unsupported by the vehicle’s suspension: wheels, tires, springs, shocks, linkages, brakes, and even lug nuts!

A simplified equation for determining the amount of unsprung mass is the weight times the force applied. For example, the total weight of a tire mounted on a wheel can be 38 pounds. When the vehicle hits a bump, a force of 2G creates a total unsprung mass of 76 pounds FOR ONE CORNER. The vehicle’s suspension must work hard to dampen this force.

By reducing the unsprung mass, you lessen the work the suspension must do to dampen bumps, and improve it’s ability to keep the tires on the ground, therefore improving available traction.

A simple way to reduce unsprung mass is to install lightweight forged wheels and pay particular attention to tire and component weights. We offer corner balancing as well to dial in your vehicle along with our custom alignments!

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