Why We Use a Dynapack for Dyno Tuning.

Why We Use a Dynapack for Dyno Tuning. Here are some reasons why it’s the best:

Safety & Stability

The Dynapack physically bolts to your vehicle, ensuring optimal safety by eliminating the possibility of tire slip or a strap breaking. Roller dynos often encounter issues with tire slip and deformation, particularly with high-horsepower cars, which can impact test accuracy. The Dynapack, on the other hand, provides accurate changes up or down on the graph that reflect how much grip you’ve gained or lost due to tire temperature changes.

Steady-State Control

Additionally, the Dynapack boasts incredible steady-state control. It can maintain a specific RPM point from the power it takes to drive the wheels at that RPM all the way to maximum HP without deviating more than a few RPMs up or down. This efficiency enables engine calibrators to map an engine much more accurately, resulting in improved tuning.


Furthermore, the Dynapack is incredibly mobile, making it an ideal choice for working with various types of vehicles. It only requires a hose for water cooling and 20A of 110V power, most of which is for the fans!


The Dynapack is also highly repeatable, even with varying weather conditions. This means you can confidently evaluate changes, even if you can’t back-to-back the vehicle modifications made on the same day.


Moreover, the Dynapack offers exceptional data logging. With 2 Wideband O2 inputs, dual Map sensors, a low voltage TPS and RPM pickup, and a complete onboard weather station, the dyno can capture and organize a ton of data for even the simplest of vehicles. This speeds up tuning and makes it more efficient. The redundancy of having multiple sensors ensures that your engine is always being tuned with the confidence that the readings are accurate.


Lastly, the Dynapack requires no re-calibration. Unlike many other dyno systems that need to be recalibrated regularly, the power output of the Dynapack remains consistent for the life of the machine. This guarantees the accuracy of your results at all times.

Find out why we use a Dynapack for dyno tuning.


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