Your car is different, so let’s maintain it like it’s different!

Let’s face it, your car is likely modified, and working WAY beyond the standards that the factory laid out for it… So why would you maintain it like it’s a factory car?!

All those dates and miles that are in the factory maintenance schedule are based on certain types of usage, and when you significantly alter the performance of your vehicle, those milestones come much quicker and have way more importance to your investment.

On a un-modified vehicle, gear oils and transmission fluids are typically expected to be exchanged every 30,000 miles, assuming normal use. Now, lets take a look at your modified vehicle. Your car will see Wide Open Throttle much more frequently than a commuter vehicle, as well as aggressive shifting, high RPM and higher deceleration loads as well. Harder use causes extra wear and tear. The viscosity and shear properties of the oils will break down much faster, especially when your vehicle is used on the track.

Here at Drive Auto Sports, we recommend having your fluids inspected, and replaced, at a much more frequent rate. Depending on how your vehicle is used, it may be necessary to exchange these fluids every 5000 miles to ensure the highest level of protection for your transmission and differentials.

We will always offer the highest quality synthetic gear oils, brake fluids and more for your vehicle from brands like Motul.

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