Performance Services

We can provide an extensive variety of automotive performance oriented services for you. 

Below are just a few of the services Drive Auto Sports offers.

Advanced Diagnostics

Drive Auto Sports has the ability to tackle the diagnostics that other shops, especially the Dealer just cant support. Modified vehicles require a higher level of understanding of how systems work. Taking a modified car to a Dealership or general repair shop will not yield the results you deserve.

Dyno Tuning

We utilize a Dynapack DAQ52 hub-dynamometer. Ensuring that your investment is safe, well controlled and will never have traction issues. Professional Dyno Tuning is one of the best decisions you can make that protects your investment and ensures that you’re safely and efficiently reaching your goals!

Race Prep

Race Preparation

Do you need your car to get through a Tech Inspection or have a punch list of things that came up during your last one? Drive Auto Sports specializes in getting you race ready. Sometimes its all of the last minute details that keep you off the track. Auto Cross, Rally, Drift or Drag let Drive Auto Sports help get you out on the track.

Custom Fabrication

We have the proper equipment to custom manufacture the one off pieces for your project that other shops may not want to bother with. This includes a ShopSabre CNC Plasma Table, Accumill and more. We have the ability to cut, weld, fabricate, custom install and more.

Electrical Specialists

Can bus issues got you down? Drive Auto Sports can help. Whether you need help with an electrical problem affecting your ride or need help with a major electrical merge, we have the expertise to get you taken care of.

Engine Blueprinting

Taking the time to dial in all of the precise measurements when building an engine is key to the build process, typically O.E. specs are what's publicly available. Understanding how tolerances work, proper set up and documentation of, is key to having a proper foundation when building an engine.

… and many more.

 Get in touch and find out how we can get you ready for the track.