Your car is different, so let’s maintain it like it’s different!

Let’s face it, your car is likely modified, and working WAY beyond the standards that the factory laid out for it… So why would you maintain it like it’s a factory car?! All those dates and miles that are in the factory maintenance schedule are based on certain types of usage, and when you significantly […]

COBB Flex Fuel for the Legacy GT and Forester XT

Nearly three years ago, COBB Tuning released the first true Flex Fuel conversion solution for the 2008-2014 Subaru WRX and STI.  Since then, the COBB Subaru team has developed the same complete turn-key solutions for the 2015-2019 WRX and expanded support through the 2019 STI.  Amidst that work, they’ve been fielding a ton of requests from the Subaru […]

V2 AccessPort – Official End of Life

The time has finally come. The V2 Accessport was a game-changing device in the tuning community when it was introduced over a decade ago, but its days are now officially numbered. Starting on 1/1/19, all further support of any kind for the V2 Accessport will cease. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN EXACTLY? The V2 to V3 trade-in program will […]

Attention to Detail — Drive Auto Sports

Tomei Expreme Ti

We recently had the pleasure of having two nearly identical Subaru STIs in the shop, side by side, on the lifts. Owned by the same customer, both cars were sporting the beautiful Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust system, which is a finely crafted Titanium piece, with slip joints and spring connections, and generally fits very well. […]

Unsprung Mass – What’s this mean to you?

Unsprung mass is the total weight of every component unsupported by the vehicle’s suspension: wheels, tires, springs, shocks, linkages, brakes, and even lug nuts! A simplified equation for determining the amount of unsprung mass is the weight times the force applied. For example, the total weight of a tire mounted on a wheel can be […]

Drive Auto Sports & COBB Tuning, a winning combination!

We’ve been asked several times about our preference for COBB products, specifically the COBB Accessport, when it comes to modifying vehicles that they support. The Accessport is the world’s best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution on the market. The ability to follow COBB’s staged upgrade path and custom map the […]

Drive Auto Sports – Why We Chose a Dynapack!

We chose the Dynapack DAQ52 for two major reasons: it’s the best, and it’s portable. Many people would find the claim “it’s the best” to be hyperbole, but let me explain why we feel this way! The Dynapack is the safest option that we can use for your vehicle. There’s ZERO chance of tire-to-roller slip, […]