Your Dyno Appointment

Appointment Deposits

Deposits are required for all dyno tuning appointments with Drive Auto Sports. Due to the number of cars tuned at Drive, we must stick to the schedule to ensure all customers have the greatest level of support that includes you when it’s your turn.

Your deposit will ensure you are guaranteed an appointment with Drive to have your vehicle dyno tuned.

A deposit of $250 is required to finalize an appointment.

Appointment Cancellation & Late Arrivals

With this busy schedule we must adhere to, we ask that our customers help us maintain this level of service by having their cars fully prepared for tuning beforehand and arriving on time for their dyno tuning appointment.

Customers who cancel or reschedule appointments within 7 calendar days of their appointment will not be eligible for a deposit refund.

Arriving more than one hour late for an appointment can possibly invalidate an appointment as well, which would also void a deposit refund.

Unfortunately, the same applies for vehicles that encounter mechanical issues discovered during pre-inspections or while undergoing tuning on the dyno.

Pre-Dyno Inspections

Drive Auto Sports offers a detailed pre-tune inspection and includes a test to ensure that the intake tract is free of leaks both when in positive boost pressure and under engine vacuum. The vast majority of modern day cars use an extremely sensitive mass airflow sensor which can be thrown off by these leaks. Drive Auto Sports offers this pre-dyno inspection for all vehicles being tuned at $165 and must be performed prior to the car being tuned.

Mechanical Issues

As with any vehicle, you may experience mechanical issues either discovered during the pre-tune inspection or during tuning on the dyno. These problems range from faulty injectors to improper installation of parts.

If the technicians experience any of these problems we will either attempt to correct them prior to tuning, while the vehicle is still bolted to the dyno, but if the issue is too severe to continue, the vehicle may need to be removed from the dyno altogether.

In any scenario where the vehicle is not ready when it’s appointment time comes around, the vehicle owner will be responsible for any labor necessary for repair, and in some cases may need to forfeit their deposit or responsible for any tuning already conducted if the car is not able to be finished during the scheduled appointment.